Published Wed Jan 11 2023

How to Create Your First Instagram Carousel Post

Carousels are beneficial to use to convey a particular message to the customer, like reflecting on a day, showing details or snippets, or introducing a new offer.

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Branding, sales, business promotion, and personal interactions are feasible and done through Instagram. 17.6% of the world's population uses Instagram on a daily basis, titling it as one of the five most used platforms among social media globally. Instagram endows businesses and individuals with various posting options and content types. Instagram carousel posts are among the most popular and widely used. Instagram is no longer merely a photo-sharing platform but involves video content, reels, saveable live streams, and the coolest carousels.

According to the statistics, Instagram carousels' average engagement rate for each post is 1.92%, while it is 1.74% for images and 1.45% for videos. Here we deduce that you definitely need to learn how to structure your first Instagram carousel post to gain juicy engagement.

Instagram carousel posts have the mentioned popularity and high engagement due to their tempting nature. They are like the sweet cotton candy of your childhood looking at your face with an "eat me" message. These posts contain the "swipe me" message.

For your information, a carousel post is a post that contains more than one picture and/ or video. The observer views them by swiping left on the post when using the app and clicking on the arrow icon on the right of a post when using the desktop.

Carousels are beneficial to use to convey a particular message to the customer, like reflecting on a day, showing details or snippets, or introducing a new offer. Thus, carousel posts can be a lot more effective when used at the right time.

Descriptive steps to creating an engaging Instagram carousel post

Creating an Instagram post

To succeed in upgrading your posting profile, follow these all-inclusive steps to create your first winning carousel post.

1. Selecting the photos

The first step is identifying your goals with the carousel post. What do you want to show to your audience? When you have the goals settled and know the type of content you want to demonstrate, focus on the right picture choice. Your photo choices must be unique when it comes to Instagram carousel posts. You want to make a lasting impression. Select wisely and thematically. Make sure they are on the same topic and relevant to one another.

2. Number of photos

Knowing the theme and the pictures you want to post, keep them in mind. Instagram doesn't allow you to create a carousel with an endless selection but restricts the choice to up to 10.

On the Instagram navigation bar, hit the "+" button. Select up to 10 images and/ or videos from your photo gallery for the post. The layered square icon in the preview section will let you select all the content pieces. Also, remember about the order. The carousel will follow the order you select the images and/ or videos. So, your first chosen item will show first, the second will follow it, then the third, and so on.

3. Applying filters and editing

With the item choice, now it's time for the looks. Hitting "Next" on the top right corner of the post, you will go to the edit section. You can go to the editing section by tapping on the overlying icon on the pictures. Here you can edit each item individually, add filters and size, resize them, or leave the original form. It is possible to change your filters' order and add new filters by tapping and holding a filter at the bottom of the screen and dragging it to the correct place.

A kind tip is to keep the post consistent in colors and shapes to attract the viewers even better. When your picture is in a panoramic effect, you'd better keep it that way. However, to be visually appealing, you can crop it with the help of different design apps. You should also learn how to increase photo resolution, if needed, adjust colors and brightness properly, and ensure all photos are aligned with your overall brand aesthetics. It is wise to divide a single panoramic photograph into several images so that your viewer can swipe them in a carousel post.

4. Captions, location, tag accounts, and hashtags

Not a necessity to add, but who will refuse extra engagement, an extra like, or a comment? Like any Instagram post, you can add captions, locations, and hashtags to your carousel posts. What's more, you can mention by tag accounts of people and brands on your post. Adding these features boosts engagement with your post, extends your reach, and nurtures new audiences. Location and hashtags help you get found by several means.

Moreover, you can target an audience group with specific hashtags. Your post visibility hugely depends on how popular your hashtag choices are and how captivating your captions are. These are the hooks to captivate people.

You are almost ready to share. Hit the share button or advance the post with the following last step.

5. Alt text and preferences

Even though your post is all ready to go, Instagram gives you room for your preferences. Going to the advanced settings, you can add an alt text and set the preferences. The latter refers to likes, views, and comments. You can choose to hide like and view counts on the post, turn off comments, or share the same post to your other social media accounts, like Facebook or Twitter. The alt text is optional. However, it is recommended to add it if you want to make it the most SEO friendly and easily crawlable (found) by engines.

Congratulations! You have created your first Instagram carousel post with the most straightforward steps. Now it is time to hit the "share" button and track the promised carousel engagement.

Tips for your first Instagram Carousel Post

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Like any social media marketing piece, Instagram carousel posts also come with tips and tricks. Here are the handy tips for creating a winsome carousel post.

  • Use carousels to tell a story. They are excellent means to connect with your audience on a personal level. Tell how your brand started, how a specific product was made, or surprise them with a new campaign. Spin your audience's mind with the carousel effect.
  • Surprises don't end with storytelling. A carousel is the best way to reveal a new product collection or the latest update.
  • Show the building or production process. First, place the final result, then have the audience swipe to see how you have got there.
  • Create a "How-to" video with carousels to display what you offer. The video content can show how to use the product or how to find the product. It will work more effectively if you broaden the exposure by promoting it as an Ad.
  • Your audience wants you to surprise them. They wait for engaging content. A panoramic picture that will make them swipe all the way through to get to the end will work perfectly.
  • Share informative content through images or short videos. Educate the viewers with valuable content.
  • Sell with the carousels. Yes, you heard it right. Carousels work well as displays. You can compile a set of similar products, a category, and put them out for exposure. Add a CTA on the post or lead to the action on your account.
  • Share consumers' feedback with your audience. Collect reviews, design them beautifully on a theme and share them with potential consumers.
  • Publish actionable content. Like the bite-sized visual guides, you can create with the help of different design tools.
  • Since Instagram doesn't have an editing option for pictures and videos, you are done once you hit share. To avoid unwanted mistakes, double-check all the items before sharing. Are the frames correct? Is the order right? Do the colors match?

Need a template for your Instagram carousel post?

The tools have all the options for convenience. It is no surprise that there are ready-to-use, highly scalable templates in stock on platforms. By downloading the app, you can search for "Instagram carousel" in the search bar. There will be many different templates available for you to choose from while telling your narrative.

Summary on creating your first Instagram carousel post

Keeping up with the evolving spirit of social media, Instagram has been transforming over time. Having started as a photo sharing platform, it has been translated into a business and communication app where people get inspiration, find the brand of their hearts, and connect with the global community. Pictures and videos are not enough to tell stories, do business, or interact. That is why Instagram involved videos and live streams in the game.

However, a more exciting and engaging carousel has popped up. Like a merry-go-round, an Instagram carousel post spins around and transmits the message while keeping the viewers wondering. Its inclusive nature helps select thematic content, compile them in the best visual way, edit for maximum attraction, wrap it up with an alluring caption, spice it with hashtags, and send it to the right location for interaction. Use the free chance Instagram gives you to engage with more people with less effort.

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