Published Fri Jan 20 2023

10 Creative Facebook Cover Photo Ideas For 2023

You should consider images, text, sizing, and whitespace even while choosing a Facebook page's cover photo and profile picture.

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If you're adept at social media marketing, your business definitely has a Facebook page. You've chosen the ideal profile picture, added all the necessary details, and even written a pretty excellent bio on what your business does. You might think you're finished, right?

Of course, no!

How about a Facebook cover photo?

A cover photo is an essential component of any company's Facebook profile. It's similar to your storefront's window display in that it won't draw attention if it's uninteresting or unattractive. According to the research, by 80%, well-designed images increase viewers' interest in reading material.

As a designer, you must understand how this social media platform plays a crucial role in a company's branding strategy. You should consider images, text, sizing, and whitespace even while choosing a Facebook page's cover photo and profile picture.

So, what should you display in your social media storefront window? Here are eight amazing suggestions for the Facebook cover photo of your dreams. In today’s article, you will learn.

  • Facebook cover photo dimensions,
  • How to create an amazing cover photo and how to choose the perfect image,
  • Recommend some Facebook cover photo ideas and examples to inspire you.

Let’s get started!

Ideal Size for Facebook Cover Photos

Based on Facebook’s guidelines, the cover photo of your page:

  • Displays on your website at 820 by 312 pixels on desktops and 640 by 360 pixels on smartphones (on both Facebook Business Pages and personal pages, the dimensions are the same),
  • Does not appear on non-smartphone devices,
  • Must have a minimum of 399 pixels and 150 pixels,
  • Using a PNG file for logos and text in profile images and cover photos may produce better results,
  • It loads quickly as an sRGB JPG file with dimensions of 851 px by 315 px and fewer than 100 kilobytes.

Given everything, Facebook will use your one photo in one of two very different ways, despite the fact that you only receive one.

  • 820 by 312 pixels in the desktop's rectangular size
  • 640 by 360 pixels, which is a little bit smaller than the standard required by mobile devices.

The suggested size is 820px by 462px if you want to utilize a single image that looks good on desktop and mobile devices.

An alternative to a static Facebook banner is a video. With video, you can tell a more in-depth tale and provide more information about your company.

  • The minimum size for cover videos is 820 by 312 pixels.
  • The video must last between 20 and 90 seconds.

You can still upload and subsequently edit an image or video if you love it, but the measurements are a little odd. You can resize your cover photo on Facebook using the reposition tool in order to make it fit the available area.

10 Interesting Facebook Cover Photo Ideas to Try in 2023

1. Showcase Your Brand’s Core Product or Service

Displaying a business's capabilities or best-selling items is a simple go-to solution. For businesses whose names might not fully describe what they do, this is very helpful.

For instance, if your business sells the most delicious chocolates, you should choose the image of these chocolates for your Facebook cover photo. Or, if your business is about time management software, make sure to include an image that immediately allows people to understand what your business is all about.

If you are wondering how famous brands have come up with Facebook cover photo ideas, you can take a look at some examples. For instance, Nissan did this by displaying a simple but nice photo of its X-Trail car on its Facebook page.

2. Use a CTA

A strong CTA is a key to success. The main goal of a call to action is to make customers take the desired action. Whether you want them to try your online brochure maker tool or sign up for your newsletter, make sure to state your message concisely.

The most important thing when creating a CTA is to make sure it is short and to the point. No one likes long texts. So, keep it short and simple. While reading your call to action, people should instantly understand the message. If they do not, then you should definitely revise your CTA to increase conversions and sales.

3. Highlight Your Brand’s Values

Your Facebook cover photo is a fantastic way to promote your company's core principles and invite people to join and support your campaign. You need a Facebook cover photo that shows how committed you are to your company’s values, and it should clearly communicate your message to the fullest.

4. Showcase Your Brand Identity

Show off any distinctive features your brand may have, such as a distinctive feel or memorable slogan. If you do not have one, try to come up with an interesting catchphrase, as it can be easily recognized by your audience and will reinforce brand value. As you create Facebook carousel ads, you can add these elements to the design as well.

5. Use Your Facebook Cover to Promote an Event

If you are looking for cool Facebook cover photo ideas, then announcing important events would be a great option. Your company can use its cover image to announce an upcoming event. If you manage to create an appealing banner, you can drive more participation to the event you want to organize. For instance, if you are going to hold a summit, you can definitely make a good-looking Facebook cover photo with your brand colors and clear messaging.

September highlighted in the calendar.

This will allow you to attract more people to your event. People who have not interacted with your business before can learn more about your business. So, you should not lose the opportunity to increase your visibility and awareness.

6. Grab Attention Through Colors

Another cool way to attract people’s attention is to use colors. Vibrant colors can immediately invite people to your business page. However, when choosing colors, you need to make sure that they align with your brand. If your brand is associated with purple colors, but you use orange and yellow for your Facebook cover photo, people will not be able to memorize your brand. So, make sure to use colors on purpose.

Additionally, you can use seasonal colors. For instance, if spring has come, you can use light and delicate colors typical to this season. Or, if it is Christmas, you can choose some winterish colors to set a magical winter mood for your page visitors.

7. Announce New Products or Services

If you’re planning to launch a new product or service, then your cover photo is a great space to announce details about the release. For instance, if your business aims to launch new time management software, you can create a cover photo with some details about your product launch.

This will create a sense of anticipation, and people will wait for your product launch impatiently. Those who are fans of your brand will definitely check out your page to see what is new.

8. Change Your Cover Photo On Holidays

Based on notable events, seasons, or holidays, many brands alter their cover image. Try out some new seasonal hues or include classic holiday symbols like snowflakes, pumpkins, or foliage. Your business can post a relevant cover photo in honor of Christmas, for instance.

Christmas tree with lights and ornaments on.

Using stock images and cost-friendly programs, it's simple to make a cover that is beautiful and eye-catching.

9. Make a Bold Statement

A large statement calls for huge typography. Bold statements should definitely be on the list for Facebook cover photo ideas. Create something that viewers will remember and quickly associate with you if you are willing to make a statement that resonates. It immediately tells your audience that they are on a Facebook page for a specific business.

Besides, messages that are written in bold and huge letters tend to grab the attention of people. So, when choosing a cover image for your business page on Facebook, choose a message you want to emphasize the most. If you use a tagline that is meaningless and has no relation to your business, it is not going to work.

10. Use Videos

Why videos? Well, you should know that a video is a marketing tool that is used by 87% of online marketers. Videos are a popular form of entertainment. Many people prefer videos over text. It is normal as videos are more engaging and informative at the same time. Instead of spending hours reading a research paper on a specific topic, people can find a video on YouTube and learn things they are interested in.

Facebook has released a function that allows page owners to utilize uploaded movies as cover images. In the coming months, Facebook users should expect to see more of these cover videos, as businesses will undoubtedly exploit this tool to create more engaging and rich experiences for their viewers.


Your cover image provides numerous commercial chances because it is the first thing visitors view when they land on your business page. So, you have a great chance to attract new people to your business. The only thing you are supposed to do is create a cover photo that is good-looking, relevant to your business, reflects your brand identity, and has a clear message.

Now that you know the optimal size for your Facebook cover photo and have seen some samples and ideas to get you started, it's time to get creative.

We hope our article was helpful and it served as a source of inspiration for you to generate more interesting Facebook cover photo ideas. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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