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How to Use a Modern Resume Template to Make a Great Resume

Employers usually form their first impressions of job applicants based on their resumes and a powerful resume will help you stand out from the crowd.

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Employers usually form their first impressions of job applicants based on their resumes. Submitting a clean, appropriately formatted, and accurately-written resume can enormously Increase your chances of being considered for a position and moving on to the next stage of the recruiting process.

Your resume is an essential document you need to submit when looking for jobs. It's your "frontline fighter" since it's your first chance to promote yourself to your potential employer. A powerful resume will help you stand out from the crowd, whilst a bad resume will eliminate you from consideration, as we have already mentioned.

Professional resumes, according to the study, are not only useful for interviews, but they may also increase your earning potential by 7%. Therefore, candidates should take resumes seriously and not send poor-quality documents if they want the position they are applying for.

In today’s article, you will learn how to choose a modern resume template to use to grab employers’ attention and successfully move to the next stage of the hiring process.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Modern Resume Template

Writing a CV can be challenging. However, your resume's appearance is just as crucial to a recruiter as its content. Consider this: If you have to review hundreds of applications each week, you're going to spend more time on the ones that are both visually appealing and better for your attention span. But how should a CV seem in order to stand out from the crowd?

Designing a resume is important. For example, if your resume style is filled with content from top to bottom and contains many fonts and typography, it is unlikely to garner the attention it deserves.

If you are wondering what makes a visually appealing resume, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of a few important things you should take into consideration when choosing a template for your resume.

View Sample Templates

Viewing example templates allows you to see what possibilities are available to you. It assists you in determining what is most appealing to you and allows you to apply expert designs.

Set Objectives

Blue target icon - goals and objectives concept

After viewing some examples of modern resume templates, you have to set an objective or goal for writing your resume. It is important since the goals and objectives you define are going to affect your resume formatting and layout. Also, they can affect the overall decision-making process.

Choose Your Design Features

  • One column

The single-column resume is the most frequent and standard resume structure.

This resume style allows an individual to enter all of their personal information (for instance, education, skills, career history, and interests) in one column.

The single-column style is undoubtedly the most extensive resume type since it allows the candidate to exhaust all relevant information from a larger viewpoint.

Benefits of a one-column resume:

  • Interviewers favor one-column resumes
  • They are ATS-friendly
  • When converted to another format, a one-column resume does not deform

  • Two columns

A two-column resume template is a concise resume structure that focuses on displaying all of the information on a single page.

Advantages of a two-column resume:

  • A two-column resume has less text and is more focused on the job.
  • Two-column resumes are visually appealing.
  • Two-column resumes provide an adequate area to format information.

  • Color

A candidate may include color in their resume for multiple reasons. The most fundamental reason to utilize colors on a resume is to make it more visually appealing, allowing it to stand out from other applications while a hiring manager is browsing through applicants for a position. Find out more about color in graphic design and resume making so that you can more effectively implement various color combinations. Color may be used to designate section headers or draw emphasis to a certain area on a resume, directing the reader's focus while also making the document good-looking.

  • Font

The fonts you choose for your resume might be quite important at times. Making the appropriate font choices might help you create a visually appealing resume. You can choose from the following fonts:

Alphabet letters in a unique font style and the word Vintage

  • For the body and the header, use separate font styles. Serif font types, such as Times New Roman and Georgia, can be used for resume headers since they appear better in huge text. You can choose Sans serif font types like Arial, Calibri, or Futura for the body of the page since they are easy to read.
  • Use different font sizes for vital information. If you want the hiring manager to readily recognize key material in your resume, make the font size larger than other text.
  • Make use of text styling choices. You may utilize text styles like bold and italics to assist the hiring manager in focusing on important elements in your resume. Use this option for crucial details in your application for the greatest results since it can have a greater influence.
  • Use a distinct font style. You might use a different font style on your resume to set it out from the applications of other applicants. You may ensure that the font style is readable by using no more than two font styles on the page.

  • Icons

When utilized correctly, icons may enhance the visual attractiveness of your resume.

They can also save you space, allowing you to focus on more important things. For example, replacing the words "email" or "telephone" with their corresponding symbols can still convey the information while saving space and making.

Furthermore, people react more to visual data, which means they are more likely to respond to icons than words. While it is not always the greatest option, there are times when it works well.

  • Skills chart

Skill charts for a resume are measures that assist in demonstrating your competency in every single skill listed on your resume. You may quantify and show your skill levels using a variety of approaches. For example, you may utilize categories, percentages, or bar graphs.

Using skill levels may be an amazing approach to exhibit your unique qualifications to an employer and persuade them that you're a good match for the task.

3 Best Websites to Find a Modern Resume Template

1. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a graphic design app used to create images, videos, and web pages. It has more than 700 modern resume template options worth trying.

2. Zety

Zety is one of the best platforms for building a professional resume. You can check out resume templates on the website and choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

3. Resume Genius

Resume Genius is a popular resume builder software. Check the available templates. There are many modern resume template options you should consider trying.


As a job seeker, choosing a distinctive design for your resume's content is critical since it may make it appear appealing and easy to read. When you employ an efficient layout, hiring managers can readily access crucial information on your application. The best resume design may vary depending on the field in which you are seeking a job. If you want to build a successful design, you may do market research to determine the preferred style or layout.

Using a professional layout to structure your resume allows you to create a straightforward and informative document. When you've found the best template or style for your industry, you can quickly arrange the content of your application utilizing the key design aspects.

We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you to find the best modern resume template that best fits your needs and the job you are applying for.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, and good luck!

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