Published Thu Feb 23 2023

10 Unique Business Card Design Ideas to Try in 2023

Businesses can use them to let their customers know how unique and cool their brand is!


Whether you’re a large company or a small startup, your business card can have a huge influence. Your cards are not merely intended for sharing your contact info and spreading the name of your brand. Businesses can use them to let their customers know how unique and cool their brand is!

In spite of all the technological advancements, business cards are still crucial. They help you promote your business. Moreover, they are a window letting customers dive into your business and learn more about your products/services. Besides, 72% of customers judge a company based on the quality of its business card. This is why you should take designing your business cards seriously and pay attention to any design element, including typeface, color, and so on.

So it’s obvious that a business card can make or break your business. If your business card is not visually appealing enough, you will lose many customers. That’s why it is important to come up with business card design ideas that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Let’s check out some business card design ideas you should try for success. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration to design your own business card.

Why are Business Cards Still Important?

1. Easily Deliver Contact Information

One reason that business cards are still in use is that they make it easy to exchange contact information. You can add all of your contact information, including your email address and phone number.

People can put physical business cards in their wallets or pockets and use them whenever they need them. Indeed, people can find the business’s contact information from its social media pages or website too, but they do not always have internet access, whereas physical cards can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

2. Add a Personal Touch

When you hand out your business card to customers/clients, it reminds them of your professionalism and the experience they had while interacting with your business. Especially if they had a great experience, your business card would evoke positive emotions. So, make sure to design a quality business card that reflects your brand personality.

3. Make a Lasting Impression

Every business aims to grab the attention of target customers. However, people’s attention spans are short, so you have only a few seconds to leave an impression.

An eye-catchy and well-thought-of business card design can draw people’s attention and build a positive impression of a business. Your brand logo, colors, and typeface surely give the business card a professional look. It makes customers instantly recognize your business.

4. Powerful Marketing Tool

A business card is a great marketing tool. Some people might think that SEO, email marketing, and other digital marketing methods are more effective. However, business cards can also help you reach your marketing goals.

You can meet your prospects anywhere. So, it is great to have a few cards in your pocket to hand out to your targets wherever you find them.

5. Builds Trust

Due to a highly competitive market environment, clients must have trust in a particular business and its products/services. This is when business cards come in handy. They can help you build positive relationships with your customers and make them build faith in your business.

As there is a lot of warmth while sharing the cards, it helps in establishing a fair amount of trust. A well-designed card design speaks well for the business.

6. Great Networking Tool

In today's digital environment, most interactions take place online. This has greatly contributed to the expansion of the company network. You can get in touch with hundreds of people via emails and other means.

However, this reduces face-to-face interactions. No virtual networking can replace them. They are more effective when it comes to building long-lasting relations. Besides, when meeting new people in person, you can share with them your business card.

10 Best Business Card Design Ideas in 2023

Now that you know how important business cards are for your business, it is time to learn what business card design ideas are trending now. Let’s start!

1. Modern Business Cards

Innovative printing techniques not only look good, but they also show that you are keeping up with technological changes, which will appeal to audiences looking for a trustworthy and experienced company.

Modern business cards play a significant role when it comes to grabbing your prospects’ attention. Information still matters, but engaging and modern design is more important than ever.

2. Bright and Colorful

When about 27 million business cards are printed daily, how is yours supposed to stand out? There is one easy but underestimated approach. You can use bright colors or mix different colors.

Bright and colorful business cards

A few splashes of color are enough to bring a smile to life. The benefit of this approach is its ability to make you happy, so whether your business is light-spirited or you just want to brighten someone's day, this business card design style will connect with the fun-loving clients you're searching for.

3. Minimalist Business Cards

Your business card doesn’t have to be too extraordinary to stand out. Sometimes a minimal and simple approach can also be visually appealing and eye-catchy.

So, keep it simple. This means using a few types of font styles, colors, and images. Make sure it is clean and easy to read.

4. Elegant and Sophisticated Business Cards

There are people who like more gentle and sophisticated designs. So, why not create business cards intended for such audiences? You can use soft earth tones, as they are relaxing to the eye and will appeal to peaceful people.

5. Abstract Business Cards

Thinking out of the box can help businesses to stand out in the crowd. Don’t be afraid to try different shapes, textures, colors, and images. Some people may find it extremely engaging and fun, while others might criticize it. So, you need to be careful when it comes to trying abstract things people are not used to seeing.

6. Holographic Business Cards

Hologram business cards are made using a method in which lenticular lenses (a technology also used for 3D displays) are utilized to produce printed images with the appearance of depth or the capacity to change or move when the image is viewed from different angles.

Two holographic business cards on a purple background

This is one of the most engaging business card design ideas that will trend in 2023 too. The gradient colors and shiny texture give the card a unique look that immediately attracts people’s attention.

7. Glow-in-the-Dark Business Cards

Take a look at this glow-in-the-dark design if you are looking for business card design ideas that are a little out of the ordinary. This card, printed with phosphorescent ink, can successfully convey the message you want your audience to get.

8. Different-Shaped Business Cards

When it comes to the shape of your business card, the options are unlimited, ranging from simple to business cards with abstract shapes.

Using innovative shapes depends on the message you wish to communicate. Special shapes make you appear more fun and help you make a positive impression, but they might be unsuitable for more serious businesses. You should also consider whether it can fit the wallet or pocket.

9. Embossed Business Cards

Another way to get your brand noticed is by using an embossed business card design. Embossed printing is distinguished by a three-dimensional design that is pressed into the paper, and ink is not necessarily required. This printing approach is a wonderful way to impress potential consumers or clients and can provide your brand with the quality image that you seek. Even though embossing can be more expensive, the benefits far surpass the cost difference.

embossed business card

Because of the card's unique and distinctive qualities, this form of printing will ensure that your card stands out in the crowd. Having a professional yet eye-catching embossed business card is an excellent method to wow potential customers and improve your brand image.

10. Rustic Business Cards

If you are a business that cares about the environment and is looking for eco-friendly solutions, a craft paper business card can be the best option. You can use earth colors and textures that communicate the idea of sustainability perfectly.


With so many business card design ideas available, it is obvious why choosing the proper design style for the message you want to express is so vital. Consider which design will work best for your company, and don't be afraid to come up with something unique that expands on the ideas presented above.

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